Written from a creepy bed New Years Day. | March 24, 2011


Social movement and social theory are based on the principle that humans are inherently decent. Like having faith in  mythical stories of the holy spirit and energy levels; the “struggle” has faith in the kindness and spirit of mankind. Yet as we advance technologically and intellectually, we are interpersonally barbaric. If we were inherently kind, we would not need to organize to care for each other. We can scoff at religion; poking holes in theology because of the lack of proof. Where is the proof of decency on which social justice theory is founded? It is merely a rationality of false hope.  This is the seed and vitality of capitalism. this is the serene image of safety that cloaks mysogyny and and militarized protection. Barbaric interpersonal discourse is the matter that makes up the brick of “the system”.


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