i know better. | May 16, 2011

There was a period where I comprehended my fate. I came to terms with it and found comfort in the conclusion of it. I knew my role.

I think there is a point where it is too late to teach a human how to love, how to be in love. It’s like giving a candy bar to someone who has never tasted sugar. Boom. Madness.

There is the initial adrenaline rush of excitement. Like, “oh god oh god, yes, please yes.”

No. The answer is no. Always.

I know better.

“With the infallibility of a sleepwalker, she seeks out those who, like her parents, cannot understand her. She will try to make herself understandable to precisely these people. She will try to make possible what cannot be.”

Alice Miller.



I know better.



Now allow me to focus on becoming a professional ballerina…


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