my new years resolution. | July 7, 2011

jordan leaving for japan outlines a year for me. from july 2011 to july 2012. we can call it my japanese calander as long as no one is ethnically offended by such a remark.

alas, this brings feelings of reform and dedication stronger than any real “new year” i have ever experienced. it’s on, frankly.

i am, as my blog title and several angry commentors imply, raven0us.

and i ain’t givin’ it up. it’s my corner stone. would i like to hone it? mos def.

i am channeling my ravenous nature into some projects.

denver co-op.


some sort of physical lifestyle. yoga. cycling.



abigal and the home we build.


my mind.

my identity.


I’ve fallen in love a lot over the past couple weeks.  I just can’t get to the falling out of love with Zach part. I wrote to him today. Staying silent felt like a lie. We realized our cross road is im poly he’s not. We may not ever get past that. I know how many people are mad about me writing him. Like i said, not writing felt like a lie.  Writing doesn’t really change anything. I will love him forever. It never was a choice I made. Love’s funny like that. I think everyone reading can at least chim with that.


I will have an identity outside of my love for him though.

It’s part of the new year!


lol fucking cheers to rebuilding after love.

for jordan always.

happy new year friends. thank you all for everything.


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