hey. | July 10, 2011

lately, i have been contemplating the automatic “no-no’s” in life and i worry what sort of rabbit trail this creates in my brain… then i stop worrying and get excited.

but the concept of ethics and forced morals. eish.

they have led us astray before right?

slavery… being cool! (though some haven’t caught on that it isn’t.)

women being held as slaves of intimacy. (wait a minute… this is kind of a trend. people still think this is a good idea too.)

mass agriculture. or just agriculture depending on what conversation you drop into.


karl marx…ha.

so if what i am doing right now is perceived as wrong by a large group, but i don’t see it as wrong. this can radically transform ones perception of existence, especially if the large group is people you love and not some generic force of oppression, because on one hand I could be senial and in denial of my absolute insanity… or i could be speaking up for my voice and standing up.

in many instances, this is the preferred perspective. to stand up and fight. (but not like fight. fight… well sometimes. but not all the time. by the subscribed group onto the outcast group only.  but what if you’re the “outcast group” … are we all the outcast group and the subscribed group simultaneously? wait… never. or…hmmm)

I have been contemplating a declaration of war. Can a single person do such a thing?

(for comedic purposes, please consult this wiki definition:

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Declaration_of_war) ha.


I mean it’s not like history supports the fact that declarations of war have to be perceived as valid by any large group or really even by anyone but the one declaring. So it’s really as simple as picking a major in college. No one really gives a shit in the long run.

And yet, I find some significance to such a step. A necessity to it.


I declare war on hegemony in my community.


I declare war on the hegemony of space and thought.

fucking war.


I was talking to a friend the other night over a dinner made lovingly by another friend with no shirt on… most of the time(this fact has nothing to do with the point of this sentence. i just like remembering my love without a shirt, cooking. yum). So we was talkin’ and we were trying to brain storm some ideas for what to do when communities get divided by interpersonal conflict and/or mental illness. And I suggested that more groups have open forums where everyone just sits in a room and people take turns just saying where they are at emotionally(cause feral. woah.). and they interjected and said, “There is a lot of people I am not willing to be that vulnerable with.” and I said, “Heard. So what does normalizing vulnerability as a strength look like?” or some shit like that.

That seems like an arm of my war.

Normalizing vulnerability.


It isn’t really a new topic for me. Still just as hard to push as always though. It kind of ties in to my blatant word vomit in the world of social media. I will not be repressed in my vulnerability. Sure sure, I hear that this may be why I am often the target of cannon fodder BUT!(i argue) it is fertile soil in each instance.

Allow me to serve you this beautiful quote, “So the point is to take one’s life back in totality, a decision that requires just the sort of ferocity that will be necessary to demolish this society. And such a decision will transform all one’s relationships, demanding a clarity that will leave no room for submission to the demands of social protocol, disrespectful tolerance or pity for those who fear the energy of unchanneled desire more than its suppression. In making this decision (and the decision is only truly made as one acts to realize it.), one is completely rejecting the logic of submission that dominates most relationships… At this point, the being has ceased to merely react to codes, rules and laws of society and has come to determine her actions on his own terms without regard for the social order. Beyond tolerance and everyday politeness, finished with tact and diplomacy, she is not given to speaking abstractly about anything that relates to his life and interactions, but rather give weight to every word.” -wolfi landstreicher


so yup, thought of the day.

normalize vulnerability.


it is ferocious resistance.


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  1. absolutely. absolutely. absolutely!

    Comment by lovelymissll — July 10, 2011 @ 9:42 pm

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