keep your head up over time. | July 14, 2011

i meet people who got the spunk you know. tappin toes, smilin’ faces, ready to organize and resist.


then you meet ’em a couple years later. and things move a little more slowly. smiles take a little work and there is a hesitance. honestly, at this point, they probably organize “better” over all, but it’s more calculated and overcautious.

stink eyes happen more frequently. people clique off for protection.


i say this because i am meeting people in the later category more and more these days and i want to say.


“lift your heads up friends.”


happiness is resistance these days. confidence and being daring enough to open up despite the chance of hurt is freaking radical.


put some spunk in that step, sway your hips for no reason and breathe in the sky.


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  1. oh man. i hear ya. its not quite the same but i saw darcy and lorena yesterday at cool beans. we missed you in that familiar place, in that almost familiar configuration. and it felt the same, though it was a little too heavy for spunk in our step, but we were there for each other, in all the same ways we used to be. sometimes growing up can be hard when others grow in different directions. but i have hope your connection caused some critical questioning and infused new spunk. it is one of your powers, that questioning, and one of the things i love so much about you. thanks for the positive message.

    Comment by Sara Tansey — July 19, 2011 @ 4:53 pm

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