mass intimacy. | July 24, 2011

i create natural rhythm too. the moon and i.

purple mountain majesty.

mass intimacy.

transient rationality.

monoga-monster tragedies.


I boycott the idea of “partners”.

it’s kind of like when we were younger and we actually asked each other to be boyfriend and girlfriend.

awkward. and where does it take us? what does it mean?

i just tried to stir my coffee with my finger and it took levels of sinking in for me to feel the pain.



i heard a wild fella say one time, “i am passionate about  building intimacy with my land base.”

check. that makes sense. symbiotic partnership.

but intimate partnership between two peeps. cough. what? that smells of the history of my negation.


“Rule relationships(i rather like this term because it acknowledges that poly relationships are also heavily ruled.) operate on sexual consent but not desire. although of coarse, there are reasons we do desire to coerce and be coerced. we desire this because we desire to control, own and possess that which is around us. this is a desire fixed in myth that we can do this with living beings, and worse that we can do it in the name of love when really it is only control. if we cannot give up our belief in possession of the limitless: and by that i mean things like love, affection, sexual desire… how do we begin to relinquish control of that which is limited: such as resources of the world? an inability, or rather lack of desire, to free the ones we love the most and at no real cost to ourselves suggests we are so far gone in the madness of mass society that there is no going forward, no coming home to freedom.”


i like the idea of building intimacy without labels. i like the idea of maximizing all possible intimacy.

i think it is crucial.


“communities not couples.”


lately i have found that sex=ownership in most people’s eyes. i have been pushing my boundaries of intimacy because i felt i was judging others for their loose-ness, so i wanted to challenge the idea of “slut” or “whore” within myself. but sex seems to lead to “partner” relationships which leads to expectations and pressure. it sucks the passion out of intimacy. really if there is a friendship base to the people one chooses to become intimate with, sex and intimacy should still be caring and not empty “just sex”.

i refused to be coined as callous because i am not willing to submit with the programmed possession that comes with sex.


i want to dance around life meeting eyes with all people and i want those i love to do the same. i want to be able to heal through experiences in intimate physical ways. i want to divulge whether or who i am intimate with when it is comfortable with me. i want friendships not partnerships. i want each of us to free each other more. because we have the opportunity to.




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