get weird. | October 26, 2012

Orion steps from the clouds, through the assumption that she is a he due to her acute marksmanship, through veils of stratosphere, to her mother the earth.

I hunt for Artemis in the eyes of my lovers. The deeper they submerge themselves in erotic fog and musky rain; the more their eyes, the gates confining my love, appear able to be picked.”

Orion’s fate is spent mating with Artemis and birthing stars and stories, biting them free to merge into celestial bodies. To seduce individuals into her temple, Orion was able to glimpse her partner’s thoughts. At the moment of genuine eye contact, the huntress could see into their hunger. Only on earth’s surface could she facilitate her powers. From the stars, she was mandated with loving force to reflect on her creations. Most nights were spent thankful for her routine. It saved time for baths and masturbating over the memory of her surrender.

The first couple of elves she witnessed in the astral realm were the Draus. They had just subverted their ruling authority and were sampling their lootings. The four leading Draus; Calico, Aberforth, Metexu and Estarion squatted the king’s wing of the palace.

Orion recognized Calico as a reflection of her wanting self. Calico believed that her tattoos counted as clothing and draped herself in lace leotard ripped to show tattoos and accessible places. She was finally free of image. She had space to show her heat and swollen corners. Orion felt thrown off and at a draw with the Draus. She worried if she was transparent with her intuition… would Calico meet her out there or leave her to hang like the energy in light bulbs. In ways, she did not trust her wanting self. Yet, she met eyes with Calico and saw affirmation and support, a reflection of her confidence.

Orion woke to her lover leaving her bed. Her head felt heavy and sore, she heard echoes of her friends in the kitchen. She was scared being away from dream world, the place where her intuition had Imageweight. She wanted to stop Bran and whisper in his ear. To say,

Please lick my pussy like you would a tear from my cheek. Please drink me into the morning, help me have a different start…”

But she woke to him too late, he was beyond awake, gone onto the day, and she had to be who she was; a cold back and a heavy head. It was time to move on but they probably wouldn’t, on the road that is. She focused on the positives of her travel unit, her nomadic family. She thought of little things like walking for hours each day until her legs hummed through the night, coming home to beautiful men’s bare backs, massages with the finest oils, glistening tight muscles making up pristine tattoo canvases. She thought of the way they all literally frolicked through forests and capitalist jungles. They pick fruit straight from branches and milk goats they new. They would wake and remember to remind each other to brush their teeth. Orion slid layer after layer onto her thighs; lace, fishnet, nylon, wool. She thought of calico and glimpsed her spread on the silver throne. Her legs transformed into fawn’s haunches and hooves, but it was Orion’s gateway to her womb, her sweet flesh open in the king’s chamber; a mockery of logic, chaos in the castle.

Orion sipped coffee over breakfast viewing the world through yellow wallpaper lenses. She thought of Artemis, her goddess, her huntress, her shape shifter. Can I have you to myself for one moment without asking you to be mine? Oh! Delicious burgundy lips, moss beside Hawthorne berry and pricks, your body is a forest my fingers long to walk your paths and find medicine in your crevices. Burgundy lips and sparkling eyes I piece my Artemis from fragments, piecemeal. I spend some of my light, my life reflecting on the collage of my love. I wonder which scraps are made from the yellow wallpaper. Flesh of mustard across our third eye, can we see through the layers of female fles, rubber cemented epilogues of history?


We use paper-mache to build our love.

This is where I start my day.”

Orion walks through worlds tantalizing men and women, teasing the players in her world to follow. Saying, “cum.” A harmless offering. She speaks with the voice of many women. Her words feel heavy like a conversation with a crowd, a field of observers harmonizing in an ancient tune. Orion asks people to speak to the tribe she carries in her cells.

This is where I start my day.”

Sometimes when talk is empty space is not. Orion rolls her ball, her crystal of affect into the traffic of the day. She is a lightbulb hanging from the sky. She contains a universe in a capsule. She is contained, paper-mached.

I want to break.” She whispers to herself as she glides across the sidewalk. She has no energy reserved to make eye contact and dive into someone’s hunger.

I want to unplug.”

She glances at the store fronts identifying them as part of her packaging, as padding to keep her lightbulb intact. Her access to her source of power is mediated. She feels a hyper erotic surge to dismantle her packaging, to be unrobed. She sees the tagged objects as a piece of her jail walls to be purchased as profit. Each object to be purchased not to dismantle her cage but to be property to hold space from her, to transgress against. Her wild spaces have less room to exist, space commoditized. Her erotic heat turns manic and she is filled with anxiety. She must move the objects without letting them produce profit. She must liberate space and utilize the object. Orion enters a boutique. The cord from her light bulb becomes entangled in the door chime. The room is yellowed and antiqued by her wallpaper lenses. She is clumsy yet appears unnoticed. Stored, packaged, manufactured energy is common place; disoriented female energy is comforting. Under the cloak of normality, Orion searches for the most expensive object. She searches for those things kept far from her through class and she slides them into her bulb, acclimating them to her orb. She leaves the boutique with a profit loss and slightly less able to prostrate her. On her way out, she bumps into her friends. They appear as though they have also been dismantling the empire through all its pompous packaging. They glow with an ability to manifest space, to utilize objects and they warm Orion. She feels her body glow too. She imagines being able to smash her bulb and let her universe ooze out and surround her crew. She wanted each of them to be able to speak their true desires and she wanted to be able to help facilitate them. She made eye contact with Juniper who looked away frantically as to not offend. But she saw him beyond his control. She saw him warm under fluffy comforters, alone and naked. Her thought opened the door to his room and caught him, Aberforth, hard. She was flooded with his intent. She became who he needed, she smelled of his need. His eyes lit up in a sense of completion. She was unplugged and he wanted her as his port. His veins throbbed in his throat.

In a blink, Orion returned to the moment. Juniper offered her a cigarette and she felt suspended in his lust. She intended to meet him in his dreams and nurture him from her source in the sky.

The group decided to walk back to the cabin together to share a spliff by the fire. On the floor of the cabin they spread out all their gear and food they had liberated, harvested and picked from the industrial jungle. As the room warmed, each of them shed their clothes, their camouflage, and their packages. Undone and high they cuddled their clammy bodies to a sauna like mist. Orion faded into dream world in the arms of friends. Aberforth awaited her at the gates of the king’s chamber. She could still feel the warmth of her family’s arms and bellies against her in the cabin though she was walking a marble hallway in the astral realm. As she recognized the marble, she saw a hologram of stars. Aberforth squealed, “Wait til you see our adjustments!”

The black blocked Draus, the subvertive elves had transformed the chamber that had been metallic into an underground forest. They had injected spores into the stone masonry and mushrooms were fruiting plentifully. Trees and vines grew behind the throne. “We are preparing for a ceremony, “Aberforth yelled through a smile. “We are going to ask the green woman to come and guide our actions. We have used all of our magical resources to prepare!”

The Draus were assembled in a circle with the silver throne at the head of them. Calico was positioned in the throne in the same way Orion had seen her in her vision. She felt compelled to join Calico, to sink into her body and merge worlds. She trusted her ability to join her wanting self; her reflection. Orion felt weightless without her bulb. About an inch from her body she felt her outer self. Her universe washed over the room and she heard a serenade of women’s voices. She couldn’t remember, in that moment, how a package felt. Her essense merged with Calico and she felt her own thighs transforming, her toes forming hooves. Her own swollen flesh met the throb of Calico. The draus knelt to receive their sacrament. They drank of the universe of women, united and unpackaged. They welcomed the green woman by harmonizing their voices. Orion and Calico as one felt surges through their stomachs, they felt an ache to be filled. Opening their eyes, they felt oak leaves sprouting from their lashes, growing over their head in branches. The women opened their eyes to Artemis standing before them. The goddess had grown 3 cocks that were hard and hungry. The green woman on the throne reunited with her nurturer, rejoined her complete desire, Artemis. The Draus had transformed to the women’s primal hunger, to be filled with lust and want. There was no instruction necessary. Artemis penetrated the women in both entrances and slide her third cock over their clitoris. Their bodies merged together but maintained the tension of warm places. The green woman, Orion, Calico felt the unity and the expression of interconnected souls. They felt as though they were choking on the hearts of generations but enjoyed the flavor. The Draus the astral representation of her waking life friends made love to her. They were complete and satiated.

Orion woke with a heavy head on the cabin floor. Around her were naked bodies and cum covered sheets.

This is where I start my day.” She thought. 


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