Tending the Wild Within | August 14, 2013

Chapter 1

Violence, Anger and passive aggression

Clearing our brush.


You could have it all, my empire of dirt.”

-johny cash


(I begin with anger because the tops of pine trees told me to.)


Anger is neutral. It is not good or bad. It just exists. We can not dismiss it. We can only allow it to move through us.

We need to be encouraged to express anger. Anger is fire. In the wild the forest overgrows. We bipeds are creatures connected to the process of balance in nature. As symbiotic beings, we are the fire tenders. We are like mushrooms who are the filters and decomposers of the world or ants who pick up all creatures scraps and performs alchemy changing scraps to fine soil. We tend forests overgrowth. That is how we add to the cycle of life. It is how we add abundance to the homoeostasis of the earth instead of overconsumption. We yield fire and use it to burn back bushes. In similar ways we tend our intellect. We burn back tension stored in our body through anger. We burn back ill intentions through aggression. We burn back anxiety and nightmares by crying out in resentment. We throw out our malicious or temperamental thoughts attempting to see what is valid and what is ego based. We burn the brush or ego based responses revealing constructive truths. If we are able to face conflict as maintenance of the forest of our psyche, we can build capacity and endurance to hold each other through pain and differences. We can build abundance. Our anger is then balanced over many smaller interactions instead of spontaneous, overwhelming bouts of aggression, compulsion or perversion.

We are encouraged to express anger because we then can display to our fellow folks that we feel deeply all things. We breathe out anger lifting veils to the people closest to us clearing the forest of the psyche, opening up trails. It gives us an opportunity to follow through with people’s responses to our anger and from there it becomes communication. It gives us an opportunity. It is a gift to see how our friends respond to trauma. We can see the defense tactics our loved ones utilize and how we can help them empower themselves. Expressing anger shows us our own behavioral patterns because those who are willing to engage with us will reflect ways we could communicate better. We gain experience with how to remain aware and present in future conflict. We burn paths of clarity. We are responsible for the harm our anger manifests because anger like fire burns things. Many of us want to be prepared for them. We want to work with fire like the element within in us it is. There is no world where fire and anger do not exist. We take lessons from anger like we learn lessons from working with fire. For example, when you burn certain bushes like mock orange down to the roots in the fall they will regrow the following year much more plentiful. This technique is called coppicing. Intuition tells me this was discovered by a relationship built with the bush. A person paid attention to the bush and became familiar with its tendencies. They observed the bush through fire, seeing the ways it suffered and persevered. We could follow this example by holding each other through our anger, by observing the ways we suffer and persevere. We can continue relationships with those our anger burns, see their whole position and consider why your chemistry was or continues to be volatile, our egos overgrown. We can continue the relationship by seeing our friends whole position within the context of the moment. We have the opportunity to be patient and anticipate the fruits and abundance of being able to process unhelpful patterns and validate helpful ones. Sometimes we only have to burn back small segments of our intellectual veils to see more clearly, sometimes it is more fruitful to burn back an entire bush for abundance further in the future. To know the intensity of the fire we must burn, we can remain aware of the patterns of our own and other’s anger. We can speak up about ways we relate to each other’s anger and ways we do not. We can form commonalities.

But we have to continue to show up to ourselves and the forest. We have to observe. We have to be patient and remain present. We have to listen and learn.

“So the point is to make the decision to take one’s life back in its totality, a decision that requires just the sort of ferocity that will be necessary to demolish this society. And such a decision will transform all one’s relationships, demanding a clarity that will leave no room for submission to the demands of social protocol, disrespectful tolerance or pity for those who fear the energy of unchanneled desire more than its suppression. In making this decision (and the decision is only truly made as one acts to realize it), one is completely rejecting the logic of submission that dominates most relationships.”-Wolfi Landstreicher



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  1. This is beautiful and rings, I swear it, SO TRUE.
    Thank you.
    Let’s keep looking to our ecologies for the metaphors we so desperately need.
    Together (even in distance)
    M g-p

    Comment by Myths or Alchemical or Skywalker — September 5, 2013 @ 12:10 am

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