Edge effects. | July 10, 2015

To shift the pace of a culture.

To move from white sugar to raw,

fermentation produces less.

You have no right to hoard her.

We are partners in witness.

Haven’t you found yourself a perpetrator while defending your space?

You witness it’s not physical combat anymore.

We are sore from our docility in it.

The bottom of the sea.

The roots.

This bird song is cosmic.

Stars singing an unfamiliar tune.

I tune my banjo

& hide my grief.

Listening to the land through the heli-cop-ters.

Banjo players tune their grief to the vibration of the land.

You once said to me,

“You are divine & I have your back homie.”

Then it came time to have it

& you realize we are backed against a wall.

(Something the marginalized knew the whole time.)

Edge Effects

Tending the edges of comprehension & awareness.

That’s where my half hearted smile came from.

I know your open heart is reinforced by the legacy of capital.

Who heals where & who dies?

Witness me trying to bridge it.

I see you too.


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