Love through addictions. | August 1, 2015

We all exist within a culture of addiction.

I am watching my friend kill himself.

I don’t blame him & sometimes that’s called love.

He says he drinks to be happy

& I see that.

He is a great lover in so many ways.

& then there are days,

where he drinks until his guts swell and his brains hurt.

& he’s not sure what stimulation is…

Nevermind, it’s not for me to conclude on.

& I feel him.

there are a lot of punches in the gut happening.

I see my body’s pain in him

& I see hope & trust.

& I understand they are dying.

in each of us.

then death & purging.

I can’t ignore it surging in you.

We’re all here together.

inverse always, I know.

climax stagecraft

I witness you writhing

purging dramaturgy

sweating in toxins

breathe friend.


Help us not block this out anymore.

all of it.

tear jerking vehicle

What do you mean?!

& where are you at in this amnesia?!


Sometimes when I begin a book

it takes a couple chapters to orient narrative

love through addictions

it’s hard to see you slipping

from your body

I understand you can’t really hear what is happening

through the tunnel of inhebriation

Deer love.

I see you through the fog.


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